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Thanksgiving Webquest for Second Graders

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Resources (Text & Technology):

Links for Project: Thanksgiving


Thanksgiving Its history and traditions


Billy Bear Thanksgiving


Billy Bear Thanksgiving games


Scholastic Thanksgiving


Edhelper Thanksgiving


Blackdog’s thanksgiving

Write Your Own Thanksgiving Story


ABC TeachThanksgiving



Eduction worlk thanksgiving


Thanksgiving sites


Thanksgiving music


The Truth Behind Thanksgiving Dinner


Thanksgiving coloring pages


TeacherVision thanksgiving


Apples 4 the teacher thanksgiving activities


A Day of thanks pre-K info


Thanksgiving pintables




printable books now/kinderreaders_turkeyfordinner.html


Thanksgiving Internet activities page

Thanksgiving resources


WorkshopQuest: thanksgiving



M. Dunlea, NJCU, Using the Internet in Education, Dr. Zieger, Project 2