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Thanksgiving Webquest for Second Graders

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Happy Thanksgiving Day

Content Area/s:

Social Studies,Technology and Language Arts

Grade Level:

2nd Grade

Time Frame:

1 to 2 weeks


Lesson Objectives:


The students will:


  • Gather important facts about “Thanksgiving” such as the date, the reason it became a holiday, the person or people responsible for making it a holiday, and how we celebrate the holiday.
  • Using teamwork to complete a holiday journal on “Thanksgiving” in goups of two.
  • Create a menu to illustrate to the class the items from the first Thanksgiving that they researched..
  • Make a timeline showing the history of the holiday to show understanding of then and now..
  • Share with the class their creations during a class presentation. 
  • Navigate through and make critical descisions about the Thanksgiving web quest to research the holiday.
  • Reflect on their experience and write about it.


Instructional Procedures:

Day 1:

  • The teacher will lead a discussion to build background knowledge.  The teacher will ask students what they know about Thanksgiving.  The teacher will make a KWL chart to record answers.   The teacher will go over the introduction of the web quest “Happy Thanksgiving Day”.   The teacher  will pose the questions asked in the introduction of the web quest:  What did they eat on the first Thanksgiving? How did they celebrate the holiday? What is the history of Thanksgiving  Day? Why do we celebrate Thanksgiving? Who declared Thanksgiving a national holiday? Who attended the first Thanksgiving? Why is Thanksgiving always celebrated in the fall?
  •   Discuss with class.

Day 2, 3, and 4:

  • The teacher will go over the tasks required in the web quest: ( The students will rotate through the computers until done with the tasks required to complete the project.)
    • Get a Holiday Journal from your teacher and decorate the front to reflect the holiday you are researching.
    • Click on the links in the web quest to learn about the holiday.
    • Complete your Holiday Journal from what you have researched from the web quest.
    • Make a menu depicting the first food items of Thanksgiving and create a timeline telling all about the history of Thanksgiving Day.


 Day 5:   

  • The teacher will then lead the students in a group discussion on the importance of Thanksgiving.  The teacher will complete the KWL chart listing the facts that the students have learned.  



The Rubric found on the evaluation page of the Thanksgiving Web quest will be used for the purpose of evaluation. 


The Rubric grades students on the following:


  • Group participation
  • Holiday Journal
  • Oral Presentation
  • Menu/Timeline Creation
  • Teamwork skills



Differentiation Strategies/Activities:


Activities of varying degrees of difficulty are available as an extension

Printed media will be made available to those who wish to read about the holiday instead of viewing the videos.



Extension Activities/

Interdisciplinary Links:

  • Watch a United Streaming video on Thanksgiving

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